Soluciones de dosimetría innovadoras para tratamientos seguros


La puesta en servicio más rápida, más precisa y confiable para LINAC y QA regular.

Quality beam scanning is the cornerstone for treatment planning and delivery accuracy. The Blue Phantom², with its scanning software myQA Accept, is the leading water phantom solution for radiation therapy (RT) beam scanning. The system’s unique design facilitates faster and more accurate commissioning of RT treatment systems which is fundamental for safer patient treatments.

The latest Blue Phantom² is based on over 40 years of experience during which IBA Dosimetry has been providing high quality dosimetry equipment and services to more than 4,000 satisfied water phantom users worldwide.

QA para Pacientes

Innovaciones de punta para un control de calidad del paciente más eficiente y preciso en radioterapia.


Diseñado para facilitar el uso y la eficiencia en el control de calidad previo al tratamiento y monitoreo en línea, así como en el control de calidad de la máquina.

  • Designed to verify real dose.
  • Highly accurate and proven ion chamber detector.
  • High error detection capability, based on real delivered treatment (vs. logfile «calculation only» or EPID solutions).
  • High resolution full 40×40 cm field size output measurements.
  • Instant automatic check and display of results.
  • Instant verification and confirmation of each delivered fraction in seconds.
  • TPS-class error analysis.
  • Comprehensive optional 3D patient-based verification of any TPS plan or delivered fraction.
  • Default TPS check for fast «calculation only» QA.
  • Independent QA compared to linac dependent logfile solutions.
  • Dolphin accurate dose measurements offer full patient QA of each future* fraction, and the possibility to replace pretreatment QA.
  • Unique design.
  • Comfort and peace of mind for your patient.
  • Marketing possibilities for your institution.
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MatriXX is your ultimate high dose rate and universal solution for rotational Plan Verification and MachineQA – with myQA.

Fast & Intuitive: from measurement setup to analysis.
Most accurate for rotational and IMRT QA: Shortest 20 ms. data sampling time, high dose rate, & high spatial resolution with 1020 ionization chambers.

  • FFF Proven: Supports current and foreseen high-dose-rate delivery systems including Varian, Elekta, and Siemens.
  • Flexible: Determined for high-dose-rate, Flattening-Filter-Free, and conventional measurements.
  • Fast: High-end design for workflow efficiency, from setup to measurement and analysis.
  • Optimized for conventional, IMRT, and rotational cases delivered in standard dose rate mode
  • Combine with the miniPhantom or MultiCube and Gantry Angle Sensor, to attain the most accurate measurements for verification with myQA Patients.
  • Also suitable for high-dose-rate cases.
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2-in-1 Patient Dose QA in 3D Patient Anatomy: Calculation-based TPS Check and Measurement-based Delivery Check.

Accuracy counts! Modern treatment planning systems use advanced dose algorithms. Why would a clinician rely on a rudimentary dose algorithm for plan verification? COMPASS provides highest RTPS class accuracy dose calculation for CT and DVH, allowing you to make safety critical decisions.

• Highest QA efficiency based on TPS check plan re-calculation for standard cases, such as prostates allow you to skip plan measurements.
• Immediate and automatic «FAIL» alert for missed prescription doses or Gamma.
• No time-consuming hybrid TPS plan required – compared to phantom-based solutions
• Fast and convenient access to your QA data: Patient file management flexibility with SQL database & Client/Server installation or stand-alone SQL Express.
• Automatic PTV & OAR analysis based on your clinical protocol.

• Highest QA accuracy based on real Linac output measurements for complex cases like H&N. Verify your entire treatment chain!
• Patient CT based dose calculation provides the accurate dose and DVH for clinically relevant verification.
• Overcome phantom uncertainties with TPS-class dose calculation in 3D and 4D, based on real measurements or as a secondary TPS re-calculation
• Verify the patient plan with a complete understanding of the clinical relevance of dose discrepancies and necessary corrective action.
• High Accuracy through independent Collapsed Cone dose calculation in collaboration with RaySearch Laboratories.

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QA de Equipos

Protocolo integrado para QA. Comprensivo y eficiente.

StarTrack Detector

Your natural selection for Linac Dosimetry

  • All main tests in one shot: dose, profiles, diagonals, energy verification, etc.
  • 453 air-vented ionization chambers with optimized geometry for Machine QA
  • Parallel readout from independent electrometers
  • Patented energy verification method
  • Tabletop or gantry mount (optional gantry holder available)

Attain instant and real-time analysis using the Dosimetry Plug-in for myQA Machines. With myQA you integrate your dosimetry measurements with all your other QA checks. This enable you to verify and reference easily your daily or monthly QA data with your reference data collected during beam commissioning.

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QA Kit de Soluciones

La solución completa para QA en Radiografía, Fluoroscopia, Mamografía y CT


Phantoms and Test Plates for all imaging modalities

For the image quality checks of Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and CT imaging:

  • Primus phantom for digital & conventional Radiography and Fluoroscopy.
  • Test device PASMAM for constancy tests. Quality checks of Mammographic equipment according PAS 1054 (incl. PMMA attenuator)
  • 2-part PMMA Phantom for CT consisting of Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Body
  • Test phantom PASMAM 1054 for Mammography image QA

Monitoreo de Dosis

El estandar más alto en braquiteriapia HDR

KermaX® Plus TinO

DAP-meter and real-time dosimeter dedicated to measure simultaneously DAP/DAP rate as well as dose rate and exposure time.

  • Cumulative air kerma (real-time dosimeter)
  • Air kerma rate
  • Exposure time (KermaX® plus TinO DDP)
  • Suitable for measurements in pediatric applications due to its digital resolution of 0.01 µGym²
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